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Wow! Indeed deserved a 5star. It was really warmed and such a wonderful story, that ive ever read. Every story has a heart whelming vibes thanks to my wondering skills ive found such a fairytale story that i even cried haha very nice. I might read this one again ? there are more from this Author yay! I'll read them slowly hihii. Stay safe erenta sama and to all Authors and Artist out there. Afterall your health is way moooore important godblessed :)
Hahaa. This manga is funny i like cross dresser guys sooo much pretty interesting i like FC's vibes haha. Cannot wait for more thanks renta please more straight smut manga yiii.. Stay safe guys
Woaa! I almost dropped this one without noticing the changes between the FMC's. The story is in a great pace now ... The ex lover that is a gay, is totally funny hahaa. Great ending for me
Ohmygaaaaawd! The story is pretty interesting where the new chapter sounds like competition on who will choose to be with the FC. And wow! I like mr.tachibana new appearances. It is Haaaaawt! The art is great as always i love this manga ... It triggered me for some reason hahaha. Thanks renta sama stay safe.
I gave this manga 5star because it is well deserved. I love the Arts and i love how the story begin it's pretty interesting on whats gonna happened between FMC's now this second lead is having a great time to showed up and interapt. I kinda like his appearance fufufu.. I cannot wait for the next chapter... This is Amazing i love it. Thank you renta sama.
Aaaaaaww. What a lovely series!, i love every series of this Author. Always pure and romantic for me. The art is calm and my type the story is really good i love it thanks for the wonderful manga Author sama and renta sama. Stay safe as always
Ahahahaaa. Mygaaaaawd! This manga is soooo funny that i cant stop laughing im sooooo relaaaaaaaaate. Hahaha i wish it has moooore chapters the story is really good less scenes hahaaha. I love it deserved a 5star for me promise hahaa thanks renta for bringing such amazing manga stay safe guys ;)
Ohmyyygaaaaawd! What a beautiful story that i cried for a father and son story and fell inlove at the same time. I love the FC's strong Altitude and the MC's appearances. It's worth of the money T.T i really enjoyed how the story begins. But i somehow feel cliffhanger in the end maybe because i wanted to see them atleast get married? Haha well, afterall it was a masterpiece. The Art is sooo beautiful i love iiiiiit! Thank you erenta for bringing this wonderful HQ Manga. Stay safe and godblessed
Eyyy! This is such a good read. I like the Art and how the story begin but why sooo shoooooort :( *sigh* anyway thanks for this Author san and erenta sama
Uwaaaaah ... This is such a good read i love both of MC's Junta is a kind hearted guy that every woman deserves to be with. I love mermaid sooooo much and it is rare to read such genuine story like this! Thank you so so much erenta team i love every mangas you all updating and sharing with us and forever greatfull to those Author and Artist. Stay safe everyone Godbless
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