Chenaultj's Reviews & Ratings

This story is so unique and wholesome. It's super smutty and kinky, but it definitely doesn't lack any story. I laughed and cried through the story. The m辿nage works so perfectly together. There's no competition which sometimes ruins the feel of a m辿nage. Highly recommend.
Incredibly wholesome, sweet, story. These are some of my favorite character types too! A persistent uke and a laid back seem who doesn't really show much emotion. I love the gangster/hamster pair so much. Read this story if you love heart warming and slow building relationships that form the purest love.
Great little extra story. The art is amazing, my favorite style. The story is really cute but also funny. Read the original as well as this one if you like m辿nage!
I've read this twice now and loved it even more the second time! It's so cute and funny and SO sexy.
So freaking cute. Every story had me laughing and there is so much love in each. There isn't much build within the stories because they're so short but the cuteness makes up for it. There also isn't much smut, which isn't a bad thing! It's still sexy.
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