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Very beautiful story with stellar art to go with it. It's just a simple well written love story.
3 stars cause the main story is alright.The extra stories are not that great. But overall I couldn't say it was a bad read. I might even read it again if I was bored.
I would say this story was particularly great but I see this mostly portrayed as a comedy which I found the story in a sense simple humor and funny. As it is a oneshot it feels very rushed, but overall I could probably reread it for to laugh.
Honestly the plot is hard and heavy. It's not a completely happy story with our couple who don't know how to communicate well. It is filled with angst and drama but feels like a real life. I appreciate when the characters realize there flaws and do their best to overcome them.
It was funny at first and the plot was alright although there were parts of it where the comedy around the nipple play just made the plot stupid. After like 5 or 6 chapter, I wish it focused more on the emotional plot line. In the end it was a happy ending but it didn't give me a warm feeling.
This is honestly one of the best stories on this site. The consent is a bit questionable at times, but the story is wonderful written. All the characters have strong personalities and the art is just lovely. I would highly recommend this to anybody.
The art is wonderful and the characters are rather strong. The story though there was some major flaws. In any case it is a adequate manga.
The characters are pretty interesting and the art style is beautiful. As of vol. 23, the storyline is crazy. There is things that don't always make the most sense, right away but eventually gets some unrealistic reason explain much later in the story. In my own opinion with such complicated and misleading logic at time there are points where the story should just end.
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