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So adorable!! I know this is smut but the story is also wholesome at the same time! The main characters are both kind and adorable, and no draggy drama. Wish it had more chapters because I wanna see them being all cute more but I'm really satisfied with it anyhow.
Okay so I was contemplating to read this because of the age gap, but damn I'm glad I bought this. I love the storyline and art. The reveals are striking like darts being thrown at you yet the pacing is still good and the characters are interesting. Male MC can be somehow mysterious, female MC is pretty likable and you just can't help but empathize with her. I'm looking forward to their development individually and together.. Oh and there's a lot of steamy wet scenes yess love that. Then things got real intense on volume 3 and now I'm dying to know what happens next!! Please upload the next volumes huu
Short and cute. It has plot holes (can be easily overlooked though) and the smut scenes are kinda held back/cramped art-wise, but the characters are both very likable and respects each other. I love that things are consensual. The couple is just so sweet together ;;
This was really cute and funny. The female MC is so dumb and the male MC is childish but they're not the annoying kind of stupid, they're amusing. I found the beginning and some things questionable but the relationship became adorable so whatever. Yuki getting jealous because of cats and acting like a spoiled brat when another guy appeared was hilarious. Yuri pushing the other guy away in the last chapter and being clear about how she only wants Yuki was admirable because in other manga, the female MC sometimes get flustered or confused but Yuri stayed firm, I love that the author made them avoid a boring/ugly love triangle. Overall a fun read, the thing i found lacking was just the art, imo the sexy scenes could've been illustrated better.
This is beautiful omg. Seriously, the storyline is so captivating I actually didn't even care that much for the smut, even though I actually started reading this because of the reviews saying there's a lot of sexy scenes lol. Tokiko is definitely now one of my favorite characters in a love manga - brilliant, strong, independent adult but still with so much love to give deep inside. The lines towards the end,
Aw adorable. The main characters' bantering is hilarious, especially the male character, he has no filter (i died when he walked into the house going
Goodness this was so hot!!!! Full of steamy scenes but with a solid plot to back it up! The tone might seem serious at first but then it has lots of cute moments, even with the art. This got me giggling and fanning at the same time lmao it has a great balance of sweet and spicy. The substitute lover thingy is a pretty common base but this one's just so well-written and the characterization is solid. You'll really feel for the MCs. Yumina's actions are understandable because of what she just went through and I love that she gradually developed self-worth and found a romance she deserves; Senri is mature and caring yet so adorable you just wanna pet him. Both characters have depth. I truly enjoyed this.. and again, this was so hot!!!!!!! The smut parts were so beautifully illustrated and detailed, with ringing captions. (I wish this was longer tbh like I just wanna know more about their future!). Ugh overall a well-constructed love manga, definitely a top favorite here!
I feel conflicted, this was just okay. I truly liked the start and found the couple so adorable but it went downhill. I wish I stopped at chapter 5. The author making Yuumi touched by another guy as plot device in Chapter 6 was distasteful, and how Yuumi reacted to it was disappointing.. I was just thinking she was so likable and probably one of the best female characters in love manga here, but then that happened, what a turn off. Annoyed me so much that even when the issue was fixed, i still feel meh. The side couple near the end/Chapter 8 was so unnecessary, it should've focused on Yuumi and Asuka instead. Kinda made me feel like i wasted points on it, good thing this wasn't so pricey. This had potential to be 5 stars but the random unpleasant love triangle ruined it for me.
Cute story. The characters got no flaw for me, the couple has great chemistry and even Kentaro is super adorable. The smut was kinda lacking, but this was a good read overall.
The story and characters are adorable, just lacks in the smut department.
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