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Hahahaha read this because if TVKat's review made me cry laughing and I gotta say 10/10 it's totally spot on!!! I cracked up the entire time reading the first chapter thinking about that review and laser sword is totally right on lmao. If u wanna laugh, read their review and Chuck the 2 bucks if not this is definitely a skip lmaoThanks TVkat for the laughs!
Loved this one! It was definitely different from the usual surprise pregnancy stories. Super cute and the MC is super cute!
One of my favorites!! So hit and the MC!! Fantastic!
Clich辿 but super cute! But honestly wishes they picked a better name... I honestly laughed when I first read it lol. Definitely recommended I'd you want some sweet fluff!
Loved this one! It was really sweet - I didn't expect the twist at the end but it almost made me cry! Definitely recommend!
Art is great and enjoyed the story
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