Salz89's Reviews & Ratings

I loved the story. It's a unique one with a different plot. I encourage everyone to read it.
Love this sweet heart warming story.
Wow that escalated quickly and in a weird way bing bang bong like what just happened.
What a happy ending for the three brothers. I really recommend this series blood brother
Just perfect just perfect. I loved this story more than falcone story. Now let's see the first son story.
I loved the story. Also about the fact I will learn the story of falcone brothers as well. This story in my opinion is just perfect for a change of pace.
It's a heart warming story. I loved it and the mc when you see him he might appear to be arrogant but he is a man with big love and devotion. I liked how the story developed from the beginning till the end.
A sweet heart warming story concluding all three stories
Loved it have a lot of information about the cities
I decided to read all three stories. This is a sweet story. It have historically info about manors on old Ancient Greek and Roman. Even if it was indirect.
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