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There's nothing really offensive about it, but nothing really interesting either. To sum it up, it's a book of "meh." Save your money.
The final volume, and I honestly wish it wasn't! There's so few BL manga out there that demonstrate a far more riveting storyline with a couple that are together (instead of the usual boy-meets-boy storyline). Yes, this story won't surprise you at all with its plotlines, but it does surprise you with the realness it brings to common issues that any long-distance couple has faced.Added bonus - a female character is introduced, and she's actually likable and sympathetic! Always nice to see in BL! Pick this up and its two prequels if you want a break from smut etc. and want to read a feel-good story that doesn't deal with vindictive female characters or sociopathic exes. Highly recommended.
Usually stories suffer the sophomore slump, but this trilogy does not. In fact, it builds and improves upon the prequel while leading up to the final book. While the first book comes off as an ideal world where gays are accepted warmly in the workplace, this second book takes a step back and acknowledges that not every workplace is like that. If you liked the first book, you'll love this one so much more. It definitely is worth the price - every penny!
A love story between coworkers in a Japanese office setting. While the premise doesn't sound all that interesting, the mangaka makes up for it by writing a true-to-life story about two men falling in love just because. The couple's bickering brings a smile to your face. And the issues that are brought up in the story, while cliched in this genre (e.g., a gay man dating a straight man, and the insecurities that brings about), aren't overly dramatized or saccharine. If you want smut, heart-pounding drama, etc etc, please skip this because you won't find it here. Instead, you'll find a simple love story between two men.This is the first book of three, and it definitely lays down the foundation while leaving enough room for the following books to expand on the characters and their growth.Added bonus is the company's president - he is all kinds of wonderful and wholesomeness. It makes you wish more people in this world were like him.
Thin plot, awful and contrived characters. The smut is there but not much else. Read if you want smut; can't promise you you'll get anything else out of it.
It's Akira Yoshio! Need I say more? Fluff with a tinge of smut, it's just perfect to read on days you want some wholesomeness. Four separate stories. Rent if you want fluff. Buy if you love Akira Yoshio.
Sequel to "Kazoku ni Narouyo" - a "prequel" of sorts to the main couple when in high school. A mix of puppy love, transitioning from childhood best friends to that of love, and the struggles of hiding their love. Wish I could rate it higher than 5 stars!
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