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The idea could have been good, but this entire thing is just bad. So much is happening so nothing makes sense I got bored half way through book 2 and started just skipping to the spicy scenes. Would not recommend.
Love it! The art is absolutely beautiful and the characters are cute. Then there's the main characters brothers who are hot as hell almost to the point where I wish this story was about the three of them. Like the boyfriend is cute and all and they are adorable together, but he's kinda boring. Wish this was more of a brothers kinda story, but cute either way.
So excited for more of this one! I seriously check back every day for more I hope the chapters to come are just as good as the first!
I know this is a one off but I seriously want more! I ADORE this couple and I was hooked from the first few pages. I've already re-read this manga 5 times it's that good. But I do love the author as well I have their other works too but this is definitely my favorite so far! Definitely buy definitely read you will not be disappointed!!
I actually screamed when the the first chapter ended. It's so freaking good I need more why is there only one chapter out. WHY!!! Release them all take my money!
I thought the characters were cute so I bought this, but the story was rushed as hell. This didn't even have to be 2 chapters with how rushed it was it and the sex scenes wernt even worth it. If you wanna waste your money go ahead, but in my opinion but something else.
I mean don't get me wrong I was super into it at first. But I feel like it should have ended ages ago now a bunch of random crap keeps getting thrown in and I'm gotten so bored of the story. Just feels like the writer is just throwing things in to seem edgy now the story line had really gone downhill. I say buy the first few chapters then just be done with this story.
Here's the thing I was excited to read this cause the characters looked cute and I'm all for a good reborn into another world, but this isn't good. To say the pace is fast is an understatement the main character went from meeting the king to saying he loved him in not time at all. Plus he gets jealous of him having a Harem but is fucking everyone else so who give a shit? I got so disinterested in the sex by the end I started skimming through it cause I just didn't care. I bought all the chapters cause I'm all for supporting manga artists and finishing what I started, but if I could go back with the knowledge I have I would not purchase this manga again.
I seriously check back here everyday for a new update so I can buy the new chapters. I'm OBSESSED! This manga is definitely in my top five when it comes to favorites and I've been reading yaoi for YEARS! I'm excited for more and to see where the story goes!
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