CrzyCloud26's Reviews & Ratings

This is a really cute and good story! It's not overly-complicated and very sexy. It also had emotional moments as well as some laughs. I recommend it for what it is, a light hearted sexy story.
A guy with a weird fetish and a high schooler who might as well be a dog. What else was I expecting with this title? There's something about this mangaka's work that makes the fetish the central link of the couple. Not sure how I feel about this one though. Need more chapters to have a complete opinion.
This is cute but, a little dark and a very fast paced. There was some force, not-quite-consensual towards the beginning. Hoping for more chapters!
High smut, low storyline just on the first volume. It's good smut though with a rare CEO uke.
The story was almost non-existent. There just wasn't enough length to have much more than some excuse for a bunch of sex. Not too good characters either.
This isn't a super special premise. The charm here is the emotions played out, the sex is good, and there is story and smut. Also, I liked the art. I really liked it this as a whole!
It started out interesting. The end of Vol 2 was...disappointing. Not bad just average especially as it was just 2 chapters/volumes.
The premise is kind of ridiculous but, the characters aren't bad. It's light non-consensual but not in a gross way I think. There is some story and some smut, the balance is decent.
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