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The 1st volume had a lot of erotic scenes-- this volume still has plenty of sex, but it takes a backseat to the character's emotional arcs and the plot. A good thing, in my opinion at least! I wrote in my review for the 1st volume that I wished the sub experienced more of a character arc since he was mostly static. I got my wish here, since this volume features him slowly working through insecurities and internalized homophobia (& biphobia?) to ultimately become more confident with their relationship.As for our Dom, we see him contending with feelings of jealousy and wondering how he can properly convey the seriousness of his feelings to the sub character. If you have a distaste for jealousy being romanticized, this aspect might put you off the story (although the character does feel somewhat guilty about it.)Another note is that there's a scene where a character is outed against their wishes. Tread carefully if you're sensitive to that. Overall though, I really liked it!
A good mix of naughty and nice! I enjoyed the light Dom/sub themes. It was interesting to see how the Dom guy's feelings developed and how he went from wanting to do thing TO the sub to wanting to do things FOR the sub. I hope the sequel volumes explore their feelings and dynamic more in that direction. My main quibble is that the sub's character arc was pretty static; by the end of the volume, he hadn't really seemed to have changed in any way compared to the beginning. I'm curious to see if he changes in the next volume at all.
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