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The manga is well drawn and the story and characters are pretty cute and likable.I really like how Toro(k)a develops as a character and gets used to certain things as time goes on.What annoys me a little is the great amount of sex scenes tho. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against sex being shown and it certainly is well drawn, but it sometimes feels like there is very little interaction between the main two characters besides the sex which is a little repetitive and frustrating after a while.Another annoying fact is that it often feels like there is lots for filler material and the story is kinda stagnating.Even tho these aspects kinda annoy me I'm still really enjoying the series so far and want to see more. It's adorable how clumsy they both are and Tora still can't fully admit her/his feelings.On a sidenote: Tora seems to have really awesome friends. They still accept her as their friend and treat her like before. (Same as her dad)Can recommend reading it :)
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