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Definitely not your typical BL! The title has obsession for a reason. Honestly wasn't sure how I'd feel reading this. It deals a bit with homophobia; though they don't really delve further than the "closeted homophobic" trope, the characters are interesting enough to keep you reading. The first two volumes may seem a little slow on Makoto's part, but by volume 6 its mostly balanced out (best volume btw. Loved Makoto's crying face so cute ;v;). I really wished it got more in depth with the characters feelings, hopefully there's a continuation that'll express that but until then!
The good kind of angst!! Mutual "unrequited" love will always tug at my heart and this one does a good job! ;v; Kohei (protag) is soooo cute and honestly I just wanted to hug him because he was so hopelessly in love (also I'm a sucker for short fringe haired chars). Overall a pretty good read with cute side stories too!
Cute and pretty art!!! I'm a sucker for younger tops so I couldn't resist reading it. The sypnosis is dead on and from there its smutty. Rui (btm) is so cute and I love all of his expressions! I gave it 3 stars (but it's more like 3.5 stars) because it's a little fast paced and it's a silly kind of funny but still enjoyable ^^ Looking forward to the continuation!
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