bluedeer's Reviews & Ratings

Honestly, super cute! Usually there's a lot of non consensual things on here but it was a well paced comic! The characters also seem to naturally click with each other and feels very light hearted and super adorable~ highly recommend
Hilarious, lighthearted manga! I love the combination of a stoned-faced character who's completely enthralled with an naive character. Has a great plot device which throws off characters in a funny way. Would recommend if you love hilarious and absurd situations bring people together. (It is quite fast in the sexual uptake if you're also into that)
A refreshing take on a Yaoi family life story. Its wholesome and is very adorable. Love the prequel as well as it brings depths to the characters in this series which I appreciate. Overall, one of my favourite and would recommend to all those who love cute consenting adults live as a family.
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