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This is very silly and altogether VERY cute. There were a few scenes containing near-molestation which rather put me off, so it doesn't quite get five stars from me, but the characters are fun, the art is good, and the story's twists and turns kept me laughing and engaged. Definitely a good read!!
All I can really say is that every five star review is totally justified! The story is simple and silly but also SO sincere.
Sweet, simple, straightforward--the only drawback is how abruptly it ends. There's a short afterstory from the POV of another character that softens the blow a bit, but I'm left feeling more interested in buying the sequel to see if there's any more content for these characters than the ones it's meant to be about. The boys featured here are clueless and well-intentioned, and I honestly liked them both a lot. The sex was honestly a bit unnecessary; had it been removed the story would have been the same, only driven by purely romantic drama, which was definitely the highlight of the comic even as it stands.
From start to finish this is phenomenal. The art is clean and gorgeous, the characters are charming, and while the couple from the prequel shows up a few times, it's a delightful and meaningful cameo that doesn't overtake the story. I can't wait to buy the sequels!!
A sweet, dramatic short story about working adults, fateful meetings, and all that jazz. The art is good, if sometimes a tiny bit stiff, and the characters are all very distinct in both design and personality.
Technically I suppose this is an anthology, as it has two short stories in the back, but I could take or leave those. The main story, however, was phenomenal! The art is lovely, the character arcs are interesting, and the supporting cast is charming. There's plenty of laughs, plenty of drama, some pretty hard-hitting emotional beats, and the steamy stuff is impressive, even the scenes that weren't quite to my taste (there's some exhibitionism). Fair warning that the protagonists aren't exactly good dudes, and there's some fat-shaming directed at a very minor character in more than one scene.
This is... Not great. Even if you think it may be worth picking up for the smut, I'd advise against it. Everything is rushed, what dialogue is present is corny as anything, and even things that should be sensual, like a massage, are so overdone as to be hilariously uncomfortable. I used points on this and honestly? I kind of regret it.
A very fun, very cute ride! Hijinks ensue almost immediately after the events described in the summary, and while there aren't a lot of purely emotional beats given much weight, what is there is done well, and the expressive art carries the feelings across clearly. Even the sex scenes are a little more cute than purely steamy, with some realistic first-time awkwardness thrown in, but the several montages of the protagonists spending their time together--so obviously a couple though they and those around them fail to see it somehow--honestly makes the whole thing worth it.
This was about a thousand times better than I expected when I bought it. To start with, the art is phenomenal, the characters are distinct and attractive, and their expressions are clear and communicate feelings very well. I had hoped this impulse buy would be funny and hot (and it is!) but I didn't expect to get hit so hard in the feels when emotions came into play. There isn't a huge amount of drama to be found here, which is honestly refreshing. Don't think, though, that means this story doesn't hit satisfying emotional beats! Love epiphanies, confessions, and event the gradual, unremarked changes to their apartment as they grow closer more than bring the warm fuzzies to what is otherwise a PWP comedy. A seriously good read I know I'm going to come back to for the feels as much as for the steamy art.
Just a bunch of cute stories about three different cute couples! Most of them are already established relationships but there are several heart pounding confession scenes nonetheless! The nuance in the characters expressions is amazing too, so it'd be worth rereading just for art even if the stories themselves weren't this lovely!
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