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Very nicely written romance between the two boys with a lot of cute moments. There's some dark moments with a stalker but nothing that spoils the story. The cross-dressing boy is pretty timid but learns to speak up, and the other boy is a lot nicer than he looks at first. Good read.
Super cute and a fantastic read! I loved every couple and the scenarios they came up. The first couple is a strange misunderstanding but the two boys are just too cute! Great art and very fluffy content with a lot of love and sex. The dating sim one is definitely the best but the other two stories are lovely as well. Definitely a big recommendation!
Absolutely fantastic, and a great story with genderbend, yaoi, and straight content. The main characters are very sweet to each other and the sex scenes are really nice and arousing. One of the better love stories with gender bend I've ever read. Only problem is I want more!
Very cute and wholesome. The main characters are wonderful together and have a sweet relationship. No real dramas to speak of, just two people realizing their love for one another. Big recommend!
A really fun story with some lovely saucy bits. I didn't expect to like the two as much as I did but they have some great chemistry and both have their cute, sexy, and funny moments. Ittou is cocky and self-assured, which leads to most of the story's drama, but it's clear he cares for Sakae despite all that. Leads to some very cute and hot scenes between them. Great all around.Sad we didn't get to see Sakae in full crossdress though, that would have been cute!
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