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A cute, lighthearted family story!
As of this review, Chapter 6 is the latest and it might be finally moving up hill in the quality of relationship development. I was hoping the manga would handle gender expression and acceptance in a progressive way, but unfortunately it's fairly shallow. I enjoy a combination of BL and TL, so the smut is fun, but the story could use some work.
The art is lovely, the story ehhh. I was hoping for a more atypical power play, but it's the usual dominant pursuer despite the
I don't usually go for love triangles, but for a unrequited love triangle, this one ended pretty fairly! An adequate amount of consent, a suitable resolution. Hot scenes. Everyone's still friends, there's a short bit of established relationship with the couple in the end, very sweet! I would have loved to see more of the Aki's cuteness desires supported, but there's a satisfying enough amount, I suppose. A nice, endearing read!
Honestly, what a fun, hot, and sweet story! I bought the regular manga version of this immediately after because I loved it so much, I wanted to give more support! The relationship develops naturally, no over the top drama. Very sweet declaration, AND a look into their relationship as an established couple! I'm always wanting more slice of life tidbits out of manga, so this is just perfect! A happy, consensual, balanced relationship. Great perspectives on sexuality. Wonderful smut, countless laugh out loud moments, all around worthwhile read!
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