nickel's Reviews & Ratings

Such a sweet story! The art is beautiful and the storyline is handled so well! Tender and heartfelt!
Very earnest and cute! The progression was fun and hot! Love a female lead who knows what she wants 10/10
Simple, cute, and steamy!
Absolutely wonderful! Sweet stories with just a touch of spicy. All very cute :)
ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL AND HOT! Everything from artwork to relationship development was lovely from start to finish. Surprisingly touching character interactions, personalities, and dialogue, I couldn't recommend this more!
Absolutely lovely! Beautiful art, cute story, and a view of their sweet established relationship in the end! Perfect!
As sweet and cute as the main story!
A delightful read! Definitely recommend if you're looking for something lighthearted! The premise is silly, but it builds well and I love the domestic moments between the pair. The art gets progressively better too; the later chapters are quite steamy and lovelier than what the preview shows.
I had high hopes for this story, but it made absolutely no sense in the end. What was going on with the secondary characters? So many loose ends. So many plot holes. 0/10
A sweet and earnest story!
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