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Loved the chemistry between both characters, Minami is the coolest loan shark ever, and Makato was adorable (I'm weak for gentle giants ;w;) Also the side story was cute and fun xD
Reminds me of Pretty Woman on account of a rich guy paying someone down on their luck for sex...only to fall in love with them! It's alright, has it's cute moments and a pretty "aww" ending. (I especially like stories where the cool, carefree and confident guy is the one that crushes the hardest by the end, so that was fun!)The only downside is that story-wise, it's rather small and surface-level. But that makes for a quick feel-good story anyways, so hey!
It's an interesting development and it's actually really cute seeing these two become friends and eventually more. I sort of felt surprised where it ended - I thought there was more! Haha, it's a good story though, and surprisingly wholesome :')
Fun, sweet and wholesome! Also really pleasing art, I wish there was more but as is this manga is great!
Don't let the summary fool you; this manga is nothing short of a lighthearted romcom in classic Hokke Shima style - equally funny, steamy, and just as endearing!
Surprisingly wholesome, a very sweet ending (and reunion, technically), definitely worth the read!
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