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Well, I really liked it! Dub-consent at least, tho.At first I thought it would be that banal story of a rapist and his victim falling in love. Well, it's a little bit more complex than that: It's all about two men, having sex too early on, without understanding their feelings: The uke can be seen as passive but he doesn't care much about the mean side of his seme and try to make him part of an extended world. The seme, full of doubts about their relationship, is trying to tie down our uke by sexual acts. He doesn't want anyone else in the world he built up with his sex friend and feels really lonely in his love: Feeling like he is the only one chasing the other and loving him. He's terrified to be left alone, as his friend is building up a world of social relationships without him. I really liked how many times the uke voiced the fact that he wanted to have the seme inside of him tho. They're clumsy, shy and horny. I rented it first before buying it and it's worth it!
A gem. A blushing, puppy seme and a manly uke. The uke... I never saw one like that! He was so cool!!
Oh damn, that omega is really high maintenance! Poor alpha, running everywhere to save him from the hoes... Com'on guy, give your alpha some lovin'
So cute... ! So realistic ! I barely ever saw that feeling of love so well described without any word. I would have loved to see more but as I wasn't expecting them to have more, I am so happy right now. This Mangaka is one of the best!
Cliched story but still a good one.
I actually liked the two last pairs, they were more cute and funny. The three first stories are meh.
the last chapter was the cuter thing ever ! Buy that shit. You will not regret it. They're cute, funny, fluffy and the story talks about some real problems. I so want to see more...
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