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I've read 5 chapters so far and I am really loving it. Well paced and beautiful artwork <3
Looooved this story and all other works by this artist!!! If you love lots of fluff and smut, I definitely recommend this for you. The art is stunning and the story is so sweet. 100% worth the money!
I love this story so much I read it twice! It doesn't say that it's completed but it feels completed to me (although of course I would love another chapter!!)This is a simple feel-good story but definitely worth the purchase. You'll have to make a small leap of faith with the mysterious honey, but this story is the perfect balance between fluff and smut. And the art is nice (with very cute facial expressions!!)
So cute! The art is very well done and the story is very sweet (although I do want to add *mild spoiler* that one of the main characters falls for their non-relative parent figure, so that may be a turn off for some readers).I do really wish there was one more chapter though!! It almost feels unfinished but it's a great story regardless.
The premise is odd but interesting and the main characters are lovable. This yaoi is one of my favorites.
My absolute favourite Yaoi of all time! If you're into "straight" boys discovering their sexuality, this is the story for you. And the artwork is lovely!
Great pace (story didn't feel rushed) and SO ADORABLE!
So cute! Not as much sexy time as I had expected, but I totally fell in love with the story and characters. Can't wait to read more.
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