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I enjoyed reading it. The character and story is cute. he drawing is also nice to look at.
A great read! It has a mature and bittersweet vibe that I like...with two strangers getting closer with each other but in reality know nothing about one another. The main theme and story of this book is unrequited love and this book hits all the spots. I would definitely re-read this book again.
A great find on this website!! I rented it at first but bought it immediately after reading the book. This was my first Abey Avil/Sorai Mone book and I really enjoyed it. The art is very unique...and I'm a fan of those with peculiar and distinctive art style.. If Abey Avil makes another book, I would know right away that it's their book. The main character, Sogo, was so precious! He's super cute and brave. I really want to cheer for him throughout the story. He's also relatable with his social anxiety too.A time skip does occur in this manga and the only thing I hope the author explored was their reunion. Other than that, I'm glad to have stumbled into this book and find a new author.
It's cute but I couldn't get invested in the story. It is something I would recommend for beginners.
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