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This is the best manga romance between devil and human I've ever had. I love it. The author really did a very good job in this.
Nice artwork. However, there too many "porn" part which is not my type.
I love it. Please don't stop here. I'm dying to know what happens next. However it's a bit rushed.
To be honest here, I loved it. Both the story and characters. It shows a poor student, Hitsuji, who worked at the boys bar in order to support his family and was found out by his gloomy, perverted and sadistic teacher, Mr Ichii. Instead of expelling Hitsuji from school, Hitsuji was paid a large sum to sate Mr. Ichii's wild fantasy of lust. As the story goes by, the reason why Mr. Ichii was doing this is because he "have" feelings for Histuji. I can never get tired of reading it over and over.
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