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Very, I don't know the right word, disturbing? The first two stories are (badly portrayed) rape fantasies and most of the rest of the stories are short and unfulfilling. One story didn't clarify that it wasn't a teacher molesting an elementary school student (she was apparently a high school senior and just REALLY tiny but they don't mention it at the beginning). There was one story that was really kind of adorable, that's the only reason this is getting 3 stars. I still couldn't say I'd recommend using tickets on it though unless you're into really shallow stories or like rape fantasies.
Started off strong in volume 1 but it now says that the series is completed after volume 2? It doesn't really resolve anything and seems more like they've just decided to stop translating it or the author up and discontinued it. There is no real resolution so unless there is more on the way? I'd say buy Volume 1 and imagine the rest. It will be more fulfilling that way.
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