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The first chapter wasn't that great as someone else mentioned already, but the story does pick up afterwards. The drama doesn't drag which is awesome and the male lead is soo cute~ Reading this really cheered me up, highly recommended indeed.
It may seem expensive, but you get you money's worth. There are 3 different stories here and all equally great. The first one is about a step sibling romance. It has all the cliches that I love lol, so this was my personally fave. The second is about a long term lovey dovey couple and the last story is about a spacey author x assistant. I love how all stories are mainly told by the male lead POV, it just makes it much better. All male leads are so devoted the female lead, I'm so envious. The art is gorgeous and partly akin to reading standard non-smut shoujo mangas. Smut was wholesome and a tad cheesy lol with the dialogue, but it doesn't deter from the sexy scenes at all. Highly recommend
It has a pretty decent plot. Best thing about this is the supporting side characters. You see no bitchy rivals here and all those melodrama cliches that try to tear this couple apart, which is a nice surprise. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was there was something missing with the sex, but it's not too bad though- at least they do more positions than the girl just laying there XD
I love it. Don't expect an amazing story, since it does has some of the typical cliches in smut manga that are frustrating, but at least it actually has great smut. The expressions are spot on, you get to see male lead being flustered >///<. It's actually one of my pet peeves in smut, there's not enough blushing guys and they girl does more work than laying in bed woot.
This story is a bit unconventional because the female lead is more experienced, but at the same time she's a mess (like me lol). I can seriously relate to her. The male lead is so awesome, if only he exists in real life :(. Definitely recommended.
It's a fairly simple story, but developed enough to fit the 4 chapters. I rated this series highly as all the love interest pretty much have an equal footing, where everyone is pretty much the winner ;) Very sexy and a wonderful read to pass time.
I love it! The guy in this one is only a tiny bit pushy in comparison to many other smut manga here, which is a breather. He's a bi character which is rare to see and I love how he can be feminine or masculine at times. He's a real sweetheart to the heroine too, helping her with her phobia and protecting her <3. I high recommend reading this!
Love it! I didn't know that I had a thing for cross dresser guys until I watched this. Yes you heard me right- there's a hentai anime of this already fan subbed. I highly recommend checking it out! As for this manga itself, I like how it went more into detail than the hentai, especially when the MC's friend comments on the "lesbian" relationship of the MC and the cross dresser male lead. Not to mention, the character design of our trap male lead, so hot/sexy~
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