Avocado94's Reviews & Ratings

one of my favorites I've purchased on this site! the pace, plots and amount of sexuality are well balanced, steamy, cute and romantic. all the stories are enjoyable!
I love this story so much!!! Cant wait I hope they fall in love faster hehe more chapters please!
A vampire romance with my favorite kind of ending
I enjoy how quick the storyline starts, I like the story so far. I hope it becomes a sexy short less than 20 chapters kind of art. those are the best to reread and get your heart swooning or pumping! I recommend if you like dominant or pushy guys in your stories
I love this story so far, please update and complete. I love the strong female lead and the direction of the story. So great! A must read!
The story so far is very cute, however with the cost of tickets and it not having an unlimited option I wont continue it. I shouldn't have to repay for chapters to refresh my mind when new chapters get released. I hope the writer changes this soon!
Very cute so far, I am looking forward to them falling in love over time.
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