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Pretty colored pages and cliche plot. But the whole story all the way to the ending was way too rushed.
One of the most fluffiest and adorable mangas out there. Don't let the title and cover deceive you. Have a go~
Its not the typical plot where everyone is conveniently gay or accepting their sexuality right off the bat. They were both slowly trying to discover their feelings and sexuality and it was a really good ride. I wish there is a fluffy sequel~
A likeable but misunderstood street punk meets police officer. I wonder how this will play out at the end. (Though I could probably make a wild guess). I can't wait for the sensei to complete this manga.~
Typical plot, but extremely beautiful and likeable main characters!
One of my favourite mangakas and my favourite genre! The demon-verse is always intriguing. I love how Hector is loyal to a fault. I'm glad Lord Vet didn't use him for his benefit~ I hope sensei's other mangas get more recognition too!
Typical misunderstood bad boy and the school prince. Story's pretty cliche. But I love this trope. So I enjoyed it alot~
I was in too far deep to let go of this series. I wasn't expecting more sexual abuse in the latest volume. But welp.. Anyways, Vol 5 focuses on the other character from the previous volume. So dont expect much from our main boys.
That was unexpectedly good. The main story has a gd pace and the build up wasn't overwhelming. Tho I wished the whole volume is about the main couple. Few of the oneshots were abit too bully-ish and tsundere to me. But the last couple was pretty cute imo. Definitely recommend this one.
Dubcon at its best. Lol.. the end of chap 5 tho. Aaaaaand he's still an idiot..
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