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I've read a lot of Harada! She's an amazing mangaka, who doesn't shy away from dark topics and expressess her manga beautifully. This story is not as 'hardcore' as others she has made, but it still shows some content that isn't for everyone.
I enjoy this story so much, they are an adorable couple!Love how they first met, the way it's progressing from then 'till recent chapters is a little rushed but still enjoyable.Love everything about them, side/extra characters, grandma and the story, cute!!
This is so ADORABLE! The characters are all unique and charming, and you fall in love with
This is quite dark themed, but it was pulled off beautifully. I've read a lot of same type manga and this one was fantastic. You get hooked to the characters and get sweat up in the tidal wave of emoticons that they suffer. Highly recommend.
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