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Not the worst, but far from the best. Heavily rushed and a lot left unsaid or never addressed. Conflict for the sake of conflict that doesn't seem resolved. Art work is decent. It's about all I can say.
Cohesive if not a bit contrite, overall a really sweet story about two individuals not looking for love who stumble into it.
Cute and rather funny stories that actually come together well. Multiple perspectives and relationships and how they all work out together. I enjoy the first and last couple as incest really isn't my cup of tea. Still, for a fantasy yaoi romp, it's pretty fun.
A tad rushed but interesting premise.
Currently a curious story I'd like to see more of since there is only one chapter. Having to chose between an energetic quick finisher and a new sexual competitor is a neat twist on the love triangle. Both have distinct personalities and their own goals in mind and the main lead seems to want to enjoy herself and get her job actually done. Going as far as to say no to sex in favor of her work.Probably going to read the next chapter once it comes out.
It's okay. Three stories for the price. All a bit rushed. I kind of wished they focused on one couple and really built them up. We get bare bones history with the college girl and the model, which is probably the most developed relationship in the whole thing, an existing relationship focusing on having their "first time" be perfect, and a woman just learning the "pillow" she's been sleeping on is her boss. All could be really cute or funny, but this just feels rushed. It's okay, but not fantastic.
Eh. Not exactly a remarkable story. I couldn't get too into the characters. There was potential and smut... But that was about it.
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