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**WARNING**elements of stalking and attempted sexual assault later in story (NOT by ml, don't worry) Star knocked off because this is NOT a comedy, idk why this is tagged as such. If that's fixed, I'd consider changing the rating. It's steamy, kind of a cliche dynamic but still cute.
Quite like the FL, not ashamed about sex, which is so refreshing. Def go for it if you like the nerdy then wild type of ML, I highly recommend. Also, it's damn hot??
The dynamic between the fl and ml may be one of my favorite dynamics out of any manga, and not just smut. The fl and ml don't have the annoying stereotypical dynamic where the guy is constantly put in a dominant position, it really is a well balanced relationship. In addition to this, both of them are kind of ridiculous, but in the best way possible. Well balanced between silly antics and quality relationship development. While this manga is rather lacking in the sex scene department (there are a few, but they aren't the stars of the show), and I usually am hunting for something with a gratifying amount of quality smut scenes, I found that that doesn't bother me at all with this manga.
TLDR: Highly recommend, sexy with good female leads and sweet emotions. This is a set comprised of 5 chapters, with the first three focused on the first couple and the last 2 on 2 other couples. I'll be focusing on the first couple just to make things easier, though all the chapters were good. I found that, while we've seen scenarios of meeting people while it's raining before, it didn't feel weird or forced, and I really enjoyed the development between the two. I love that the female mc was so in touch with her emotions and straightforward with how she felt, and that she had a positive influence on the make mc. Very sweet and very hot. Last thing, I looooove that the second female mc is in touch with her sexual side and not shamed for it, it feels rare to find that on this site sometimes. Frankly, that applies to all the women in this collection, but she gets a special mention.
I feel like this has a lot of potential! I can't wait for the next chapters to come out. Seems like the typical guy-loves-girl but is scared at first of hurting her, even though she already loves him. Really seems like it'll be steamy and sweet!
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