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It's finally here the English versions used to read it at renta jp version .
The story is good but that seme is such a shitty one!
This is so good! A nice story, I almost cried (*'
This story is so cute and so straightforward unlike wny others Omegaverse~I'm definitely a fan~P/S: Even the 2nd story was a thumbs up~
A fast moving story, the mangaka didn't waste time to jump to the main story. The consistency of art are good. The story are so-so.
The characters were okay but I wish that the seme be more possessive then again it okay as it is.
The story wasn't that bad but the only thing that got me frustrated is the cover. Thinking that those two were the main characters but actually they were the sub-couple~shessh~
I like the story but kind of disappointed. The story should more focused on the main character Mizushima & Inaba and I don't understand why there's other characters from the previous story being a filler here when they are already have their own story. I don't mind If it added as an extra.
The story was nice but a little bit slow so if you wouldn't mind reading it just go ahead.
This is the first time ever that I really wanted the masculine type to be the uke and the feminine type being the seme~satisfied ~Too bad the mangaka-san didn't do a side story with Tetsu and Fuji tho~
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