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The adt and the story are really nice~I remembered I purchased the Japanese version and here I am purchasing the English version~seems like I can't get enough of it.
Loving this!Thank you Renta for bringing this to English version. To the mangaka thanking for your hard work. Looking ahead for your next future work.
I really loved this manga since I bought the book version & it was even better to have it translated. Thank you Renta for translating this.
The story paced is fast. I don't even remembered if they're introduced themselves~lol~Btw the arts are nice tho
It's finally here the English versions used to read it at renta jp version .
The story is good but that seme is such a shitty one!
This is so good! A nice story, I almost cried (*'
This story is so cute and so straightforward unlike wny others Omegaverse~I'm definitely a fan~P/S: Even the 2nd story was a thumbs up~
A fast moving story, the mangaka didn't waste time to jump to the main story. The consistency of art are good. The story are so-so.
The characters were okay but I wish that the seme be more possessive then again it okay as it is.
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