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I'm a bit unsure with this series (as of Vol 4)- first off the art is really well done. The main guy though has clearly some backstory, however he does seem straight out sweet and nice, though for some reason because of whatever trauma, it causes him to have a weird switch. There is some hot scenes right off, BUT ... for spoilers, there's some questionable behavior for me in terms of what type of trauma he has. In addition it's not a surprise from the title that he is a porn actor, but I thought he retired. However in Vol3 you find out he is one still...which makes me a bit confused on the fidelity part. The heroine sort of knows? but also since the two aren't officially a couple.. it's hard to see where they both stand. (I mean if she's cool with it then, I guess it's alright?) I hesitatate 4/5 and more at 3/5. But the extra star is for the art, and I am giving it a bit of curiosity for the story. If you are not okay with questionable fidelity of him as a porn actor, please beware.
Premise is exactly as summary says! I have high expectations for this - the main guy is super hunky and manly (compared to most of the male counterparts) and the smut is hot so far for the first chapter!!! Super various to see what happens next and the backstory for this Fox God.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! <3 A sweet and pure hearted story with a lots of hot steamy scenes. It's actually one of my favorites I've read in JP and the beast in terms of ero + story. Yes - if you are not into hybrid furries this is not for you, but if you are okay with that then this is the absolute best. Once the sex scenes start they're really steamy (and almost in every chapter after CH3) but consensual on both ends, the dynamic between the two is really sweet and adorable...yet having the sex scenes also really hot?? Plus a interesting plot set up of the world. Sana is the tsundere MC or beastman, and always out to protect Hana. I'm so happy they could put this out on the ENG site to support the artist who has one of the best works. <3
Not what I expected - it is like the title states... but entirely more bitter and sad. ;;; ///SPOILERS/// they are indeed real siblings, but it is one-sided since they ARE real siblings. So although they do not cross the line in the end...technically - the twist of how the sister gets what she asked for is ;;; ah yeah. Do not recommend personally for something to read for a lovestory+happy+sexy steamy times unless you're just looking for something on the sad side.
I really did enjoy this story - sure it was indeed rushed near the end, but I second that the heroine was not a pushover. The main grab for me was that I was looking to read a younger guy romance with an older heroine - which granted it gave me :D. I actually felt this heroine was not a pushover because she did stay true to Kei's side. What probably seemed "pushovery" is that she *SPOILER* easily got pushed into cheating on the guy she was with (who she was sort of just going with the flow with) - back to Kei. However considering that she had stronger feelings for Kei since the start - I thought in this case it was fine. On top of that the guy she was with was a total jerk...to be honest I would warn that the guy she was first dating, might be triggering to some people since he does forcibly make her do some acts that and again spoiling, but there is attempted rape as well as molestation :( which leads to why she probably seemed meek/going with the flow. However once she realized her feelings for Kei - she stood by him. Considering there are MANY other stories where the heroine actually questions the main guy, this was refreshing and nice that she believed in him and stood her ground. I would say this was worth the buy for me! Kei is so soft and cute for the main guy, as well as the heroine.
I don't know how to feel honestly?? The smut was nice - and honestly for the rate of how short it was, it was good. However what I was hoping for sort of a 3P story (though it would've probably been tagged as so) - was in fact more of a like (SPOILER) girl gets with one guy --> that guy does some kinky stuff, but not all the way --> girl ends up with the other guy and goes all the way. So ...I don't think it was worth the 3 tickets - moreso with 2. However smut was alright and story was moreso just leaving me with confused feelings since it wasn't like the first guy was bad at all. Just ending up with both would've left it much less confusing in my opinion.
Definitely agree that this story is good at first sight, but lacks depth. Smut is light and hot, but short. The heroine did seem interesting compared to others, and this story had potential...but was shocked that the third one was the last. If the story continued in terms of development rather than a sort of "typical" ending route, it would've been much better. However it was cute and I enjoy this type of stoic guy.
Personally not for me because of the dubcon and psychological end. I like extreme smut, but because of the way the story is set up with what we know about the main guy I did not find it to my taste. I only could two chapters and this guy is definitely more on the extreme sadistic side, it is definitely dubcon and heroine is (unwillingly though) NTR. Since particularly at least up to chapter two - there isn't much known about the warden, it' hard for me to find the many smut scenes hot. If sadistic towards the extreme end is your take on dubcon, this is it. But psychologically this felt too much on the super dubcon...that I was scared for the heroine and I couldn't find care for this. If you're into all that and okay though, this is for you. I do give it props for the TYPE of various smut scenes that I did see though.
Personally I really enjoyed the story for what it was. This is a short mini shot, but if you want something short like smut AND 3P- with a 3P ending this is it. It at least gives a bit of a story and some emotions with the two guys. ***Spoilers ahead possibly***It involves the heroine falling into basically a cult village with only men. Warning that she does have a scene although brief, with the village men touching her for a purification ceremony (no actual penetration) - that is indeed dubcon. However the rest of the scenes involve a 3P. On the smut...personally I would've liked them drawn out more, but it was short and sweet for me. Comparing this to other stories that could leave a bitter weird taste - I found this light. Just as long as you keep in mind that it'll be fast paced. I'm giving a 4 for what it is - and knocking a star off mostly because I would've preferred more details and drawn out longer and art could be better I suppose. :)
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