KittyKatty's Reviews & Ratings

Very cute so far in the first few chapters but very confused on how this is gonna be an 18+ comic if mc is still only 16...I mean I get that back in the day women married young and all that stuff but still
Ehhhh the beginning was really interesting and artstyle is nice but the more you get into it the more it's just sexual assault and harassment than it is romantic. I personally dont like seeing Ruben get groped and grabbed as soon as he turns into a girl because it would be a scary situation even if he was a man before but it is a little frustrating how he doesnt address it either and just lets it slide or doesnt say anything because he knows Sho is just gonna do it again
I read the preview and it made it seem so interesting but actually buying it was a little disappointing. It was cute and all but pretty predictable and moved very quickly. I thought she would have a backbone but from the very beginning she was already tripping herself up for him and they "fell in love" in a blink of an eye. I guess I should have expected it since there was only one chapter to buy but oh well. Just wished it was a little more slower paced and worked out their relationship instead of just instaromance
It's really good. The ML is pretty good at handling his feelings while our MC is still unsure of his/her feelings (even though we all know he/she loves the ML already). It kinda bothers me a bit that the MC gets sexually harassed a lot but he/she gets saved or saves him/herself
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