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Love the 3 couples, all 6 of the house mates have their own characteristics and personalities. I really loved the story line and do hope there is another book soon, only because the characters are so funny and it leaves me wanting to know what else is happening with them. Just love the graphics and antics. Consent seems to be dubious, but it works for this book.
so sweet, i love it. i read all 6.
Really good book. Can hardly wait for next book - at least i hope there is. Sex is amazing, drawing is beautiful, Starts out with the accident and anger, but you can tell Aki is falling for the Yakuza Boss, but exactly where his head is, who knows? He seems to like Aki also. And his man Ichi is jealous i think, but of who?
I loved the story, i had no problem knowing who was talking. The story line was very sweet. really enjoyed the read.just enough (you know what) for the story length. Young love and promises. Loved it!!
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