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Most of the couples in this anthology are really goofy and cute, and I love them! But either the second or third couple is brothers, and it's just weird and creepy, imo. But I'm also not into incest in any yaoi, so make of my take what you will. Still worth the money, even with the creepy incest couple!
This one isn't bad, but I liked the second couple better and I would have liked it better with the second couple being the main one and there being more to their story. It looks like there's another book for the main couple coming out, but what I would really like to see is more for the second couple.
Well I would have rather given it 3.5 stars but you can't. I'm disappointed I spent my money on this one. The description is only for the first couple and their store is really short. Wish the whole book was the first couple, but the other couples were cute too so it's not too bad.
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