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Coda's manga are always amazing and this is no exception. Both leads have a nice maturity to them that I don't think is often showed in manga. The art is lovely and it's a good and sexy read
This is probably the slowest burn build up on this site, it progresses really slow but it makes you appreciate every little breakthrough more and more both characters are really loveable and wholesome
Amazing plot, and art I can't wait to see where it goes
Cute, sweet, and to the point
This story is so cute and fulfilling I love how the series wraps up
Standard and simple both the girl and guy are a little cringey at times but it ends on a good note
All the stories are so cute but the last one is my fave although it's bittersweet and definitely leaves you craving more
I actually feel bad for the 3 decent stories that have to share the anthology with two of the most unsettling stories I have read. They were just awful and I so rarely find stories a waste of time but 2 of the titles in this left me livid and disgusted. Save your points, even on sale this one is a pass.
I love an age gap but when they say
Short sweet and to the point it was super cute and The characters were endearing
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