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I laught at 1st. But than the FL character is weak. ML is Arrogant Prince claimed she is his property & talk shit at her back. Than still insist FL is his. FL like i still love u after he do that to her. LAME. Not my cup of tea. Really regret spending coin on this short chapter.
Not that good.
So far so good.
Look good. Look forward next chapter
Its pay to read comic but the update slow & raw already ahead 5 -6 chapters. This comic popular among readers. I wish admin will translate them as soon as raws out.
The drawing and color is good. The development feel pretty slow and cliffhanger. Well the story not bad. I love the hero has refresh personality. Overall its not worth 400 points/chapter when there are other cheaper & better than it.
I love the heroine reaction with hero. Like "I'am more happy without u in house. Go sho sho to ur SEXY BITCH".