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Well, that synopsis doesn't quite cover how kinky it turns out Makoto is, haha...... Anyway, if you like gorgeous, buff men having lots of hot sex, this is worth at least a rent! The main story takes the bulk of the volume, but there's also a couple of oneshots. The relationships portrayed are pretty consensual (huzzah!), but there's one instance in the main story where there's voyeurism (specifically, a bunch of third-wheels watching) and Arata doesn't know about it at first (and he's briefly uncomfortable about it but does get on board at the end). I don't think the volume as a whole is meant to be humorous, exactly, but there's a lot to amuse (I enjoyed the oneshot of the guy with a big dick crushing on a guy with a great ass). A pretty fun romp, I thought!
This would have benefited from spanning more than just one volume. The plot moves kind of fast and some character development happens off-screen. But if you're into guys with glasses, boss/subordinate relationships, praise kink, or any combination thereof, this one's right up your alley!
If pining is your thing, then this title is for you! Shinobu is so thirsty it's a surprise he isn't a dried-out husk, haha! There's also a good bit of comedy, which balances out the angst quite nicely.
Pretty much a PWP, and it's delicious! Definitely could be longer. (Even a 2-shot would do!)
I hesitate to leave a review at chapter 1, but some of you, fair readers, just miiiight have a problem with "I maybe 12 in Earth years, but..." so here I am to save you a dollar. He looks like an adult, acts like an adult, has an adult career, is in-canon considered an adult by his society, but he's ~~~12.~~~ (Honestly, the detail is a little jarring even for me.) But I'm here for wacky hijinks and wacky tentacle smut. I'm not holding my breath that it'll turn out all 'consentacles' (sans the usual problematic BL tropes) or that it'll get anywhere beyond PWP (alien diplomacy? let's get some political intrigue in here!), but I'm absolutely willing to be surprised.
Can't go wrong with catboys! The characters are cute and the sex scenes are deliciously filthy. <3 Incest warning for the last couple/story (pg 160-190).
Not quite the fake relationship trope (they don't fake being lovey-dovey in front of people, they just get legally married for the benefits), but there's still lots of delicious mutual pining. And, obviously, the "and they were roommates!" thing. Slight content warning for a side character that kind of sexually harasses a main character, but all the sex scenes are between the main pair (and consensual!). Possibly my favorite thing is when they're at the stage where they're initiating sex because it's 'rational' and toooootally what bros would do for each other. XD Has two side stories that seem related to the author's other manga (which I haven't read), but stand alone okay.
tl;dr, I found this a good read. But! But!!! To start, I took the synopsis to mean this would be a big romantic thing with things like pining and training camp shenanigans. And sure, there's an element of romance, but this skews more into deep/heavy and dramatic. Warnings for non-con (arguably dub-con, but that line is pretty thin), non-con (straight-up; multiple, between various parties), homophobia, internalized homophobia, some misgendering... May have missed some things, but these are what stuck out during the read. Kind of r*pe-to-love, but not really in that "classic" BL-tropey way that ends lovey-dovey and basically ignoring/negating the r*pe part. Honestly, I'd call the ending 'hopeful' rather than 'happy.'
The glasses go ON when it's time to beat people up. I'd give five stars for that alone! Seriously, though, it's actually kind of cute and a good read. Recommend!
Boys being wholesome idiots and a lot of steamy, steamy sex... What more could you want?! Add a generous dash of comedy in there, too. (Even the author commentary in vol 2 was pretty funny.) Guess it should be mentioned that both couples are very comfortable having sex in the same room despite the fact that the two tops are brothers, but honestly each pair gets completely lost in their own little world so it doesn't really detract from things. Did I hit perma-buy? For sure! I hope there's more volumes in the future!
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