Seregil's Reviews & Ratings

Tooth-rottingly cute. The story has kind of a soft atmosphere and lots of pining.
Pretty cute and fluffy. If the 'advances being made while drunk' thing (as implied in chapter summaries) isn't really your thing, it's actually pretty tame compared to where the genre sometimes takes that trope. Anyway, worth at least a rent. One can never have enough of fudanshi. :)
Plotty, lead characters that aren't complete cliches, and hot as hell. What more can you ask for? Come for the smut, stay for the story. Worth the read... heck, even worth the upgrade.
Gorgeous art and delicious pining. What more could you ask for?
Equal parts funny and sexy! And the art is really great. Definitely worth it~
Pretty fluffy for a setting where disputes are settled by fighting. Not too many sex scenes (vol 2 has more than vol 1). There's noncon/dubcon that eventually resolves into happy endings (ah yes, that common BL trope), as well as a student/faculty pair, in vol 2, so stick to vol 1 if those are not your jam.
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