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That was so cute. It's just a sweet yaoi that is more lovey dovey than smut. I loved it. I thought the art work was great, and so was the story. If you like to read fluffy yaoi, this is it. I'm glad I bought it.
I thought this was really well written. If you're thrown in an environment like that, you are gonna change and adapt to it. It was just sad that they all prob got used to the way things were even after the week of experimenting. Like the Dr. said, They have a different relationship now and are happy.
This was super fluffy! I loved it. Two delinquents in love and one trying to be hard. It didn't have any smexy stuff but I don't regret buying it.
This was the cutest ever. The sub is cute, sweet and clueless. And the dom is as demanding as ever. Though he has his sweet inner thoughts. The art work was great and the story line was cute. And it made sense. Unlike some others I've read. I bought it and I don't regret it at all.
Omg I love how much of a dominate the semi is. Poor uke couldn't be more naive if he tried lol. The drawing is amazing. I love everything about this manga
This was simply one of the cutest yaoi manga I've read. I loved how opposite they are. Usually I don't like to read stuff like this where the more masculine looking one is the sub but this worked out perfectly. It was a nice ratio of smut and storyline. Im glad I bought it.
I love how fast this story is. And how sweet they both are to each other. I wonder what will happen now. Good job
I love this! It wasn't to smutty and I loved the storyline. I cant wait to read your other one about the teacher!
I love this! I'm glad shes a self sufficient girl who can rely on herslef to get things done. I cant wait to read more!
I loved this. I thought it was so kawaii! I hope there is more. Everything was so cute especially how kanji always got Aoi's attention.
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