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An absolutely adorable work that doesn't draw out the drama into a million different plot points. The characters and art are amazing, would highly recommend this work.
The stories were a little bit cliche but were cute and well written. I spent the 8-tickets, but, I think spending only 4 tickets for a 48hr read is plenty - 8 tickets is perhaps a bit too much. Though, it was quite cute.
This manga is so cute it should be illegal. Oh my god, I love it so much - I strongly recommend this! It's just a shame there wasn't more :(
I really found this story so cute and entertaining. I thought the concept, and execution, was great and the "want-to-be-seme-but-actually-uke's" reaction is priceless. I do recommend this story, if you are into this kinda story.
This is so cute, and a fantastic storyline. I also like how the previous work (Family Simulation) was integrated as part of the story. It didn't feel forced at all, it was natural and plausible. I really love this - it was worth every ticket!
This story is so cute! I love it. The scenes in the first chapter were a little bit rape-y, but, after that it seemed to improve. I just love the couple so much! The art's quite amazing as well.
This story is cute and very heartwarming. At first I thought this would be another rape-scenario, however, in the end it didn't turn out that way. It is adorable and I love the two mains and the smut ain't bad either ;)
This is just a really cute story - I liked the story and everything seemed to flow really nicely :)
A very cute and well drawn story. However, like other reviews I would have liked an extra chapter in the middle maybe of a bit more backstory. However, I think what's here still deserves 5 stars! It's just so cute and amazing!
Everything about this was amazing - the story, art, characters... it was all so cute and amazing! Also on the plus side, there were no rape scenes... But, honestly this was one of the best yaoi stories I've read in a very long time!
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