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It may be short, but it's an interesting read. There's no real story, but you'll get the most out of it from the ridiculous ice skating sex and commentary. I also like how this was in color. I tend to be a person who thinks $1 for 19 pages is too high, but, based on what I got, this was worth the price. Length feels decent for what it was trying to do. It's not something to get turned on by, but if you want sex and funny situations, I suggest trying it out.
That was a fun read. Bondage is always a plus in my book. I liked how predatory Minato was and her face when she was dominating her coworker. The sudden role-reversal that happens with Towa was great too. I'd like to see how this progresses and how Minato will develop sexually.
I did like this one, but I wish there was more to it. Mitsu definitely needs more development and I feel like there needs to be more scenes with the other guys to see what role they play in Black Rose House and how they interact with their clients. I liked how the story was progressing, the sex scenes, and the old fashioned shoujo art style. Also, the first sentence in the summary, being blindfolded, bound, and stimulated with sex toys, is a bit misleading. There is a scene like that, but it is not happening to Mitsu and it only lasts for three pages. It made me think that was going to be an in-depth sex scene and I was looking forward to it. All in all, I think this one has lots of story potential and the setting is just begging for fun and creative situations to happen. As of right now, I'd give it four stars.
I'm really impressed by this one. It's intense, thrilling, and downright hot. There's also a mystery horror aspect to it as well, which I really enjoy. It makes me want to keep reading just to know what happens next!
Definitely, a sweet love manga. Nana and Shiki are adorable together and their relationship was written well. It had some dramatic moments that made you feel for the characters, but they never went over the top to the point of disbelief. A good read if you like sweet fluffy relationships.
I liked the drama and tension between the characters and the whole love square it had going on. It wasn't very sexy, but the ending was extremely satisfying. I won't spoil it, but the karma that was dished out was enjoyable.
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