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The first one was way better it had the entire story this is like 1/3 of a story
Do not start with this start with the other in this series! But I love the struggle the main character what he goes through, and how he tries to hide even tho he wants it. He is looking for his mate but he is scared of what he will say about his wolf ears and tail
I liked the story very much, even tho at the end of the first story it goes to a different one. That's a good story to, and it does go back to the main story with the guys but the third story is with the son and the story includes the guys as well as the boys. they kinda go through the same thing but it's different; the man is given the wolf and the boy finds him. If I had to choose a down side to this story it's the charter progression is fast with every story. IE: they meet, I love you, let's have kids and be together alway. But i will still recommend to buy it and read for your self
There is only two sex scenes so far in the whole story, but the story line is really cute. About a guy who is in love with his friend but his friend is in love with a girl. So he goes in to a depression until this guy finds him. Is he the key to becoming himself again? Read it to find out
I loved reading this very enjoyable. The only thing I would say is that I wish their was a little more story not just how they all finally realized their love. But other then that I love it
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