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I like this one overall, but it was a little confusing.If I understood correctly, the story is supposed to take place in America where Amane is an immigrant attending college. It feels like the author did not do much research. All of the characters, despite being from different countries, all had Japanese names without claiming to be Japanese themselves. All of them acted like they were from the same culture. It was distracting to have such inaccuracies in a story that was supposed to have multicultural influences.However, the art was beautiful and the story was cute overall.
I really enjoyed this. The men were all very sexy, but they toyed with my fujoshi heart a bit- especially Io.
I love this one and enjoy the characters. I've enjoyed watching the main characters' relationship develop; it's strangely sweet. I'm hoping that this one gets updated soon.
This is one of my favorites on Renta. The art is as adorable as the story. The characters are cute and fluffy and the romance is so incredibly sweet. I have lost count of how many times I have read this one; it is a heartwarming BL with a relaxing feel- definitely worth at least one read.
This was absolutely adorable. It had one of my favorite character types in it: a boy who looks scary, but is actually super sweet; I was hooked the first time Itsumi smiled. I have read a lot of great manga on this site, but this is definitely one of my favorites now. The characters were wonderful and the story line was fun and mostly free of drama. I hope the author creates stories for Itsumi's friends and that we'll get to see more of Itsumi and Seima.
It was cute and quirky; I enjoyed it-- I only wish that is was longer.
I enjoyed the first volume of Gelateria Supernova, but I LOVED this volume. There was very little drama and angst (which I have never been very fond of) and it was so incredibly sweet. It was wonderful to see their relationship develop even more. They are the cutest couple! I loved this so much. I've read at least fifty books on this site, but I think this one was my favorite out of all of them. I hope I get to see more of this couple in the future.
I enjoyed both volumes, but it felt like something was missing. I still can't put my finger on it completely. . . Maybe, it was because both couples fell for each other so abruptly? Hmmm. . .
This story was so sweet! Initially, I didn't think I was going to like Souta, but I was happily wrong. Both Sasaki and Souta are cute, likable characters. I was rooting for them the whole book. I love happy endings. :)
So cute! It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but it was adorable. I loved that the relationship developed quite naturally between the two main characters and the setting of a hair salon was fun. Right now I'm wishing I could find someone like Keito to cut my hair. :)
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