Virgo24's Reviews & Ratings

I need more chapters... this is so good two guys fighting over her yet they are not afraid to share. Its a must read in my book. Hope that there will be more chapters coming soon..
Love the story. I cant wait to read more. This is not really an xxx kind of story as of yet anyway. More of a love story, but super cute.
Love this Series it's the best my favorite can't wait to read more
Not worth the cost. The love stories seemed rushed. But The graphics were good.
I absolutely love this maga great graphics. So sexy !!!!
I love this maga. The graphics are on point I love the detail and very much in love with the story line. I am dieing to know what happens next please come out with the 3rd seasons soon.
I loved this!!! I need more what happens next do they get together?
I love the story line I need more. I'm so addicted
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