Kayrin91's Reviews & Ratings

I'm liking the story so far. Can't wait to read more.
I'll definitely continue reading this story. Interesting characters and plot.
Their relationship is so cute. They get married for the wrong reason, but they are right for each other. I don't know why there are such bad reviews. This is such a funny story. Please give this a read. It's worth it.
It makes no sense. The main guy mistakes the main girl of being a con artist who tricked his brother and stole money. He can't just take her captive with no evidence. Blackmailed her to stay. That's just as illegal as what he is accusing her of doing. She hoped once his brother sees her it will clear the misunderstanding. Somehow she falls for him dispite him bing controlling and sexist. He never trust her until he realizes he's wrong. It's frustrating to read. Good thing I only rented.
I like the art, story and characters so far. Looking forward to reading more.
The ending was happy, but it felt rushed. Now I get why the last chapter cost less than the first few chapters. Nice art, but the story could have been better.
I recommend this story. Very light hearted and sweet.
When I stared reading this story I wanted to see how the main girl would overcome her fear of sex, and get with the right guy. Yet everything seems so forced.
Very sweet well rounded story. The title seems cheesy, but I like the story. The Main girl is taking care of a baby because the mother passed away. She finds the father, who
The story is ok to rent but not worth buying.
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