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Absolutely love this! Continuing the story from Love Drunk we get to learn more about Chi and what happened in his past as well as getting a better look at how Hina is learning more about his true feelings. I got pulled into this right away and Can't wait for the next chapter. So glad I bought it so I can reread it again. Worth every dollar.
I'm already addicted to it. I need more chapters!! Hooked in the first chapter and can't stop reading. I check every day to see if its been updated. I've already re-read the first 4 chapters just waiting to see what happens next. Definitely worth the money
Loved all the stories, they were cute. The artwork was great. For the second story I'd say the "kidnapping" was more of a rescue considering he asked to be taken away. Overall I loved all the stories. I do wish there was more to the last one.
Its absolutely addicting. I can't wait for the next one to be out.
Loved it. Art work was good and thought it was a great story. I only wish the story about the truckers was longer, it was cute though.
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