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Those man-boobs! I wanna caress em, too! Anyways, story was kinda there, just not fleshed out. Could be better but it's a HEA for 'em, so I'm happy. It was instant love for Tomoe, whereas Zen took a teeny bit longer. We see Zen struggling a bit with this feeling and becomes quite agitated by it, poor boy. And while he's struggling, our uke is full-on offence, constantly showering Zen with his love. In a way, both characters forced himself on one another.
Main story is alright, it unfolds Masa's feelings and enlightment to Yuusei's love. Just as the title states, little cousin is pushy but not overbearingly so. Yuusei pushes just enough to get his way with Masa ;). Second story is all about sex. Author threw in the word love but it's not helping. Ex-delinquent uke might have smell fetish since he becomes unstable and horny after he gets a whiff of seme's scent. Honestly, the "ex-delinquient" labeling was unnecessary. Author may have felt that it was necessary to distinguish uke's and seme's characteristics but I think it's pointless. Would have loved one more full chapter of Masa and Yuusei.
A very lovable female lead and down-low cool male lead. I love Aio's spunky-truthful personality and her inability to lie and/or hide things from Yuri when he questions her, hahah. These two are a funny yet heartwarming pair! I enjoy reading their progress, their interactions, their conversations - totally gives me tokidoki moments :) . And I also enjoy the supporting characters' appearances in which they are the only source we get intels about Yuri, LOL. I seriously CANNOT WAIT for the day Yuri chases after Aio! Love the story and character development in this series.
Cute and fluffy. I adore opposite attracts and these two are too cute! Story tells both sides but I really enjoyed Chi's POV. Hina becomes a love-struck puppy once the fog between him and Chi cleared up. Nothing too dramatic and any insecurities were cleared and cared for sweetly. Loved it.
A totally random and hilarious book - you can totally bet that it stay focused on animals, and they are such darlings! Fictional characters but based on a real setting/location. Each chapter is random with no relation to the last or next chapter as it deals with a different animal and problem. Characters are likable and funny, not so memorable, but the comedy makes up for it. Not sure why the series is labeled 18+ as this is pretty PG, unless it's a complete 360 in the next volume.... Otherwise, fun, lighthearted, and a humorous slice of highschool-ish book. Rent it.
Series may be short but it tickled my heart, gave me butterflies, made me jealous, and gave me happiness. Hmm, how do I as this, characters were nothing fancy, just simple designs, yet I was ATTRACTED to them. I enjoyed the simple panel layout, and to me, it gave an impression of allowing us to focus a little bit more on each scene (if that makes sense at all). Kengo is a beast underneath that cool face- and a total sweetheart, and quite possessive, but Aoi is loving all that attention. Love the manager's and a regular customer's small appearances- keeps the story humorous. A light read that's not dramatic and stayed true to its title. Spoiler: Kengo leaning over and smoothly saying he'll take responsibility looked so damn hot. Damn him. My god, YES, Aoi, he's trying to kill us. We're both in trouble. Please calm down your sexiness, Kengo.
Both of author's releases are beautiful but this one has taken a noticeable change. The work is more clean-cut and even more detailed, which I greatly appreciate and respect the author for. Series is set with the typical plot, troubled kitten gets taken in and repays with sexual favors. Although only one volume is released so far, I feel that the series is developed nicely and did not feel like the attraction was rushed. I really like Jin and his caring nature, though he was wrong to intrude on Leo's privacy a bit, but we needed this to keep the momentum going ;) . Looking forward to seeing how Leo faces his reality and how their love story unfolds.
I enjoyed this series. The book stay focused on its plot, a love potion, and actually developed the heroine, Hinako, a research-aholic, and of course, virgin -- all in three chapters. Hinako and Ryo are friggin cute and sexy, their love scenes steamy and sweet. What I found unnecessary was the other two "confessions". I cannot fathom how the two would ever cross path with Hinako but author just threw it in so oh-kaay. They confessed to Hinako out of the blue and it was left at that, which I guess I'm glad because we can focus on the main characters' relationship. I'm happy to see that Ryo have loved Hinako before the love potion incident. It was nice reading along as Hinako fumbled her way through her feelings: her guilt at the love potion, realization of her love towards Ryo, acknowledgment and pained that it was her mistake that was manipulating Ryo's true feelings. A total sweet and short read.
Story hook is amazing, 5 stars. Ending left me totally baffled. I loved the alphaxalpha setting and enjoyed the total polar personalities. Just when things started snow-balling, the story ended. I'm shocked and truly disappointed. The way it concluded, it gave me a half-closure and I felt cheated from the alphas' HEA. Maybe two more chapters and I would feel satisfied with the ending. Otherwise, how the story unfolded was entertaining. The twist was nice welcome. Character designs were total eye candies.
Not much focus on story. Author created hot sx, hot HS boys, cute college students, and hot foreign college students, though, to make up for it. Haha. Two chapters about couples on cover page. Two chapters about Ryu's (seme) former uke/right hand man. Two chapters, but one each, on two college students being a host for two foreign students from another country. Honestly, I enjoyed the collegeXstudy abroad students more--they had potentials but probably won't get a story.
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