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Mmmm... it's a good read. First story, alpha and omega are close friends turned lovers. We get more POV from omega than alpha but author makes up for it. Takeshi's considerate towards Yoshihisa and values him. I liked that issues were introduced and solved quickly-- but that also means scenes were edited out. Bummer. Second story didn't impress me much. All characters were sweet candies for the eyes.
This one receives a 5 from me. I loved it. I'm glad the volume did not contain any one-shots and it focused on our main characters. The story line, the characters, the setting, the drama, the art - nicely woven. Some viewers felt the story was rushed but I found it well-paced. Promises made, promises broken, miscommunication, mistrust, one-sided love, scapegoat. I was taken aback by the actions of a side character... And he's mostly to blame for the uproar, but if not for him, we wouldn't have our story. Man's pretty darn sexy too. I'm glad the story ended on a positive note for everyone.
Aha, I love it. I love childhood love and protector theme. First chapter only so we have yet to see Takeru's animal side but we're getting hints of a pervy beast. Hanako, bless her heart, is gun-ho about protecting her kind, pure, angelic Takeru. Oh dear, Takeru is gonna shock her big time! Love Hanako's embarrassed, shy reactions!
Enjoyment was definitely not there for me. Uke's character was too haughty. Mangaka tried to balance it out with a strong Seme but ultimately, their relationship just didn't sit well with me. Uke was a ridiculous nonsense and after being forced taking it up his butt once, became addicted to Seme's penis. There was no perspective from Seme at all. How romance came about from that, I don't understand. This was more of a wham-bam-thank-you-sir manga, in my opinion. Total fail, total unsatisfactory, total waste of points.
Cute, funny, and sweet. Totally loving the oldest brother! I want and story of him and Ayaka (and a history of their parents would be lovely)! Honestly, Narihira's and Chikage's stories can be read as their own. This series, as a whole, is about the brothers' love relationships. I really like Tohtake. His surprised reaction reasoning was something I totally did not think of. It's funny, and cute. Tohtake's and Narihira's relationship came together really well. I'm happy for the two and their conclusion. On a different note, I totally laughed my butt off during Chikage's and Narihira's mating season conversation. Poor Tomoya. I, too, wish good luck to Tomoa's well-being!
Totsuka is such a dork. I love the straightforward Nari. It's cute when Totsuka starts seeing Nari in a different light and Totsuka becomes fluster with his own reactions. This is a light read and I enjoyed it. Simple and small drama that was quickly taken care of with a cute ending. Haha, such a dork, Totsuka.
Oh my. How unexpected. Very unexpected. I'm hooked. And the series released two chapters so far only! I enjoy the flashbacks to Ryotaro's and Wataru's younger days. They give us insights to as how it started, well, at least Ryotaro's side. Looking forward to how their relationship develops.
Not so much awkward but more so remorseful. "Let the heartbreak begin.." Indeed, you definitely feel, see, almost taste their anguish. It quite endearing to see Natsuki and Haruomi struggle together, trying to make up for their mistakes. They both unexpectedly caught my heart. Story was well written and paced. Artwork's amazing, a bit stiff at times, but still amazing.
5 chapters in and honestly, FHUUUHK!!! That's is all you really need to know. Loving all the characters! Maybe minus Kei, (sorry, Haru!) bc he's not around much atm. This story's got me squealing and feeling the butterflies *fans self*. I am in LOVE with Hajime, and he's got my respect after that showdown in chapter 4. From his confidence, his straightforwardness, to his fkn ero expressions and moments, gawd damn, the mangaka is building him so fkn well, I can't take it! I love you, Hajime! Haha. Satsuki, brace yourself, bro, you gon be devour. Artwork is beautiful, though I was bugged by mangaka's choice to not draw much of Satsuki's eyes in the first three chapters. Ch 4 and 5 started showing more of Satasuki's eyes, so I hope mangaka will continue that because he, Haru, and Shu have beautiful eyes.
Sweet everything. Worth the buy 'cause I'll be revisiting this one for sure. On another note, I totally feel the sister's pain, lol, and she's cool.
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