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One thing that makes me go "hah?" is the cover design. At a glance, the design gives me a telling that the story will be bittersweet and the title doesn't help either but it's actually not that at all! After reading the story, I took another look at the cover and now I get this "gentle love" vibe and can't help but feel fuzzy inside (reading too much into a cover design now, I know, sheesh). Innocent love story, YES! Awkward, only Takaya thinks so, lol. Takaya and Kanda are just too cute. I love Kanda - he's an adorable big puppy who's all silly-grinning when Takaya's present. And it's nice to see muscles on the characters - omg Y E S. What I would have liked to see/read was how Takaya came to realize who Kanda was because [SPOILER!!!] you would think he would have remember Kanda's name from the get-go since both were in the same baseball club for a year. Hmm. Ah, the ending is totally cute! Kanda's a total big puppy, confirmed, haha.
Story has a nice relationship development that befits Akira and Mitsuru. Akira is a strong, nurturing, and stubborn character and while Mitsru is strong in his own way, his upbringing has been controlled by his father so he's friendless and is dead inside. Wish there were more to Mitsuru's family background though. Akira pronounced that he'll be Mitsuru's friend and began calling out to Mitsuru everyday. One lunch accident led the two to cross the friends line and we start seeing the romance bloom. Mitsuru's quite the persuader, haha. Enjoyed the book thoroughly!
LOL, the story hook is funny. Ohdai and Atsuto are cute in their own ways. Ohdai is too focused on the lust gauge to notice that Atsuto's gauge reacts to him only, poor Atsuto. After an encounter with a groper whose lust gauge broke and fearing that that may be Atsuto soon, Ohdai decided to keep his friend's lust gauge from breaking. Ohdai may have just dug his own grave in trying to help Atsuto :D haha. Can't wait to see when Ohdai realizes his feelings for Atsuto and when Atsuto will confess his love.
In this human world, there are beastman, in which human society put up a giant wall between them and these beasts. Sounds familiar? Anyways, "You beast guys are kinda hunky, huh?" That cracked me up, seems like Hana's already attracted to Sana. Of course the timing of her entry into the "other side of the wall" is when the beast-humans are in heat. Labeled beastman and have the stigma of "eating humans", Hana's seeing a different side to these being- they're just like humans. Sana, so far, seems kind although he's putting a front to keep her at a distance. Hana seems like a smart girl with good sense about her. I would love it if the author provides more background to the existence of the mandmade beasts... but I have a feeling it won't be told. Either way, I'm excited to see how the story will go.
Story was sweet and had a nice balance of comedy, romance, and real feels. I'm surprised that the author didn't delve much into Haru's history and instead went with Kei's. I love Kei's caring nature and his patience with Haru. Haru is a total newb at love and it was nice to see how he dealt with these feelings. For a virgin, he's got a solid backbone, so kudos! Love the little tidbits at the end, these two are a wholesome pair and quite kinky, lol. Second story was endearing as it involved a single parent's relationship between his tot and lover. Kazuki, that grown-ass adult, pulled a kabedon on a little kid and fought with him over his dad, sheesh, lamo. We can see the cause of Tetsu's stress. The topic sensitivity was appropriate and the resolve was a positive step forward. A fun and sweet book that I enjoyed greatly.
This was purely hentai without plot. Sato commented if only he were a woman and bippity-boppity-BOOBs poofs!- he's a woman overnight. Banged his co-worker on first day of gender swap then found himself wanting to and actually banging his boss on the second day. Being a male for 20+ years was forgotten as if he was never one. Sato accepted and adapted to the change like it was no biggie and male Sato was never mentioned again. With that said, story was only three chapters and 24 pages each so of course nothing will develop. 2 stars because art was good, clean, and panels flowed without being crowded. Sucks that love and confession happened so quick. Sex scenes were not steamy at all. Would have loved seeing the fight for Sato to go on longer between Takahashi and Boss. Rent if you're dying-curious but in all honestly, not worth the points.
Thoroughly enjoyed this series. Three stories, two chapters each except last one, but all were very fulfilling. My fave was Eye Contact, building seme's confidence and it was endearing. All characters are lovable and too dorky-cute!
Volume consists of one shots and revisits- human females and cat males. It's a nice and sweet PG-16 read. Nothing dramatic, just a slice of life and extra TLC for the overworked girls.
Fun to read, nothing memorable. Cute characters, fast pace, easy acceptance. Art is good and cute chibi moments.
Those man-boobs! I wanna caress em, too! Anyways, story was kinda there, just not fleshed out. Could be better but it's a HEA for 'em, so I'm happy. It was instant love for Tomoe, whereas Zen took a teeny bit longer. We see Zen struggling a bit with this feeling and becomes quite agitated by it, poor boy. And while he's struggling, our uke is full-on offence, constantly showering Zen with his love. In a way, both characters forced himself on one another.
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