Sighz's Reviews & Ratings

Loved it all! The characters, premise, art, interactions. The two main characters have great interactions & steamy scenes. I would definitely recommend
Enjoyable & light hearted. Decent smut. Art, plot and characters are well done. End is a bit rushed & characters could use more depth. The interactions between characters is well done. No toxic extremes of emotions & reasonably realistic interactions. It's a good buy and great read.
Fun, interesting, & worth the funds. A bit of confusion initially with 'flashbacks' but really well done. Made me grin & the smut was good.
Light hearted, fun, & well executed. Decent characters. Nice art. Engaging plot. Overall I enjoyed it
Cute, a touch fast paced. Overall, it matches the description. There aren't any surprises or plot twists. ********** spoiler***********. I wish we knew why the difference in brothers. It bothers me.
Quick(there's only 27 pages to create the story), not much substance, but well done.
While I can appreciate the one star review, I don't whole heartedly agree. Plot, art, characters are all decent. Not a ton of development on characters (background), or plot. I feel I got my $$ worth.
Cute, simple, & well done. What you read in description is what you get. A bit fast paced due to limited pages
Not terrible, not great. First volume had some duplicate pages.Overall the description is what you get
Smut is good. First 2 stories were not great. Dubious consent & a really rushed story. The others have a decent plot (most boy / girl longing for each other). The ménage story was my favorite. 3/5 due to art being good, & lack of substance to the stories. If you want a light read with mostly sex, it's worth buying
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