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I actually quite liked it. More smut than substance but still a bit of back story. I question it being completed due to the last paged of part 3… which leaves it feeling super incomplete and lost it a star
Light plot that tries to have depth. Interesting characters. FL is a little 2 dimensional. Smut is frequent, and alright. Maybe a touch too vanilla for me. Overall a good read. I'm glad I read it once.
Super enjoyable read. Start as fuck buddies & the story goes on from there. One downside for me is the ending is still so incomplete as to how interactions go, & their lives
Decent smut. It lost a star for how weak willed the female lead was. She went with the flow of whatever was happening. The other characters were good but there's little to no depth to an interesting storyline.
It's an interesting read of sorts.Minimal background or future layout. A team of sexy guys to train the FL. It goes in a typical manner. Overall an alright read, nice art, & so so characters.
I'll rate 3 stars as I only read the first chapter. The lack of consent & minimal story line turned me off. If you are into incest, forced sexual interactions, then maybe this will be for you.
Only read chapter 1 so far. Seems like it'll be decent once we get more story.Side note : I keep hearing the idol's voice as Tamaki from Ouran ??
Based one volume 1, it left me feeling 'meh' about it. Rushed start, no character development, and molester(s)/force. The saving grace to me was the art and that it does leave a bit of curious it's to see how the story unfurls.
I wanted to like it. It has a few great elements. Unfortunately it feels like a middle of a story (little to no introductions, and no resolution). It doesn't help that the text seems blurry/poor quality. I gave it 3 stars for the concept, & the art seemed alright.
I really liked big brother, little brother, there were also 2 side stories for it.. The other stories were good too.
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