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I absolutely love it. Granted there's a few red flags in some of the characters and how these couples end up together. But I can't help but love it. I am just dying to read the final volume. I don't know how long I've wait but I can tell you it's been over a year since the last release. Please, just give us the last volume!!!
Story had potential but it felt rushed and didn't explore more of the guy's background and conflict with his twin/family. It felt unfinished.
I never realised it before until I read this but transgender people really have it rough. I always want to root for them to get their happy ending. So glad I read this. I don't think I've come across a manga that covers transgender characters and not crossdressers. It's a great read.
It would have been 5 stars if the entire book was just about the first couple. I don't know why but I love human-werewolf couples.
I thought I would enjoy this series but I end up regretting it. It was typical love triangle that wasn't a good one at all. There was just too many dramas and too many frustrations. I was rooting for Nagu the entire time but he always end up with the short end of the stick. All of the mini plots were rushed through and it just made me think 'whaaat' Spolier*** It's the typical story where the girl is torn between two men and they're both forceful and she's a total pushover. They both confess at one point or another that they love her but she never states clearly which one she loves. The entire story the author keeps forcing the idea of her and Dai together while pushing for her and Nagu. She cries when Dai ignores her while having no appreciation for how much Nagu does for her. It was so frustrating how the author forced the idea that she's choosen Dai leaving little room for the romance between her and Nagu. Ironically in the end the author forced her and Nagu to be together.
I would have loved it more if the first story had a solid ending rather than a cut off one. It's pretty obvious they end up together but I would have loved to see the dramatic reunion. Some the stories were kind of rushed but not bad.
I liked the brother's story better. It was short but it was way better than the first one. The girl in the first story was just so infuriating. She's just so childish and selfish in my opinion stringing the brothers along and clearly did not know what it means to be in a relationship. You can't force someone to be okay with the situation and think everything is happy-go-lucky and you certainly can't force yourself to be with someone you don't have feelings for. Her acrions hurt both brothers which makes her the worst. Even when she realises what she's done she runs away from it and cries. It was just selfish and cowardice.I reccommend you just rent it and not buy it. It's not worth really but up to you.
I thought there was more to the story left so I've been waiting for months. I didn't realize it wad already finished. I loved it nonetheless. I loved how the girl never gave up their relationship til the end. I was kinda disappointed with the art. It started off well but then it changed and didn't sit right with me. Stil good tho
'Is it wrong to sleep with my best friend' boyfriend?' The real question is 'was it the right move to spent $6 on this?' ... Maybe not. I like the plot setting how the MC was conflicted with her relationship with her best friend and her desires to be with her bf boyfriend and then she finds herself noticing his friend. Some people may not like the whole love square but I dont really mind that much. Like all the other reviews the ending is quite disappointing because it's a cliffhanger that doesn't solve anything. We don't know if the boyfriend is a jerk or not or if his best friend actually has feelings for her or not. There's just so many questions unanswered. There's a lot of stories with rushed endings but at least there's an ending. This one doesn't. Whatsoever. It's like the author completely given up this story that had potential and end it with a finger click. I mean if you're interested in reading this then by all means but read at your own risk like I did.
I kind of regret buying this. I mean how is this finished. This book sort of had potential like the prisoner of nobility but this is far from it. The characters are all over the place especially the president. He's so confusing about his feelings for her. Partway through the third vol you see why he's about of this but doesn't explain why. It was totally ruined.
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