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If you can be understandable then this story is right for you. In my view I believe this is such a cute and sweet story. He loved no matter how she looked but he didn't like the fact she didn't. He wanted to show her how beautiful she yet he is quite jealous of others that tare nice to her. For others this may seem like he is an enabler for her but they probably don't try to understand the story as a whole not to be rude. He just really loves and she isn't that big, she is just the right amount of chubby. She is cute and cuddly and he is crazy for her. I gave it a 4 because the last where he ask for sex in exchange before she realizes her feelings was kinda uncool but he did it so that no one would have her, he wants her to be all his. Also she consented so there is no rape. Loved it, a short enjoyable story. If you are understandable then this story is for you. Glad I bought it.
At first I was conflicted with him becoming a toy, however as the story progresses it started to become something sweet. He treats the uke as best as he could since he has a lack of knowledge of such things so he does makes mistakes here and there. However he realizes it and corrects as best as he can. Sex does occurs a lot for a heads up. But if you like progression, smut, and a sweet yet somewhat complicated love then this story would be a good read. I liked it a lot actually. Glad I bought it.
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