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Over all this series was pretty good! There wasn't a deep story line, but it was still a cute little story. The reason I give it a 3 is because of the very last chapter. I really enjoyed following this series, so waiting for the last chapter was a killer. To my disappoinment, the last chapter felt extremely rushed and the art work, for whatever reason, drastically declined. If you look at the first chapter and the last one, there is a big difference! Left totally dissatisfied.
I absolutely love this series! The artwork is fantastic as well as the story! I'm the kind of person who loves a good story line, held together with some steamy scenes, and this series delivers! I really like how Ren (main male) is so possessive/protective of Ritsu (main female). There are currently only 4 available to read, but I need more!! I can't wait to see how this story progresses between the two!!
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