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I loved this story, it was really fluffy and the romance developed rather quickly. It's a light,fun read.
The story might be short, but I think it's the perfect length for a fluffy, funny romance. Go read this after getting your heart broken by another manga. It's so cute, it ought to cheer you up!
Loved it, it was cute and funny, similar to the story it spins from. Since it's so short, the romance develops rather quickly, but it was believable because the characters had known each other a long time (and that's another cute story in itself).
This was actually cuter than the title suggests. I went in expecting pure smut, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's a feel good story, and it focuses more on the obstacles the main character imposes on himself rather than on the age gap itself; the lovers actually feel like equals.
Really cute, fluffy stories. There's only two sex scenes and they're not very graphic. Like the title says, it's all puppy love.
Just a fun read. I preferred the last story, the first one is just the typical rapey stuff and didn't make much sense.
Cute story!
Short and sweet. I wish there had been another volume, so I could see more of the characters's romance. There is no drawn out drama, but the story was cute enough to be satisfying.
This story is cute and different from most of the smutty yaoi out there. There is a lot of tenderness as it portrays a relationship in its beginnings. It was sweet and my only complaint is that I was left wanting to see more of this couple's story.
Smutty but sweet at the same time.
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